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Backlog Categorization and Backlog Prioritization are two completely different things that seem to get confused pretty easily.

Backlog categorization is used to categorize the backlog items into appropriate groups. These groups might be based on Class of Service, MoSCoW, Kano or any of the in-house categorization technique that people would have developed. (At we use the WINES model — Winners, Invisibles, Needs, Experience and Sellers )

These Categorization and Classification are vital in forming homogenous sub-sets of items from which items can be picked to be worked on based on business needs. …

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If there was one epiphany that I had recently then it is the fact that Product Managers are subjects of an elaborate network of Chinese whispers that we need to be conscious about.

The Actual Incident

One of our technical product specialists had recently made a post on an internal forum tagging me asking me if a particular usecase was valid. It was an elaborate post, it told what the problem was and wondered whether we would solve the problem of the customer in our upcoming release. …

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The following piece was originally written on 6 July 2012 when I was working on a lot have changed over the last 6 years yet some of the things that I had written on can still be pondered upon. (I have edited the version for the current context)

One week back while i was browsing the Internet I read this comment by someone which said that in-app tours are nothing more than band aids to bad design. While i do agree that a lot of poorly designed products slap in an onboarding tour hoping to increase engagement. …


“No way am I going to build that feature. Wait that is not even a valid requirement. No one wants it that way. Things as it is are just fine.”


“This feature is just not worth it. I am wasting my valuable time building something that no would care about, instead of working on those very important optimizations. This is just ridiculous”


“I just do not have the resources nor the time to build this Feature completely. How about we reduce the scope a little. …

I have had a nagging itch that i have not managed to put in words about the “Simple” School of Design. I think, I might finally be up to something here.

The simple school of design goes on the tenet that

Simple things should be simple, Complex things should be possible

Alan Kay

Based on this idea feature-set of a product is categorized as either simple or complex (I am over simplifying the process here, but this is the 30,000ft picture) and then the product is designed so that the simple activities will be easily visible, performable and repeatable.


Over the last several months I have been working on several Product Features pertaining to KiSSFLOW . One of the many questions that have been intriguing me is “What constitutes a good Feature Specification?”.

Form Follows Function

I had tried several mediums to communicate Feature Specifications, including Presentation Slides, Detailed Written Documents, Key-Point Document with Designs, and Annotated Designs with Various degrees of Success. What I did eventually learn was that the Effectiveness of a Feature Specification Document was not determined by the medium used to communicate it but by the content actually communicated. Form Follows Function.

Qualities of good Specification

An effective Feature Specification Document contains…

There are many times as both a SaaS producteer and marketeer I have heard Sales complain that the quality of leads that are generated are really poor and they are not able to do much with the leads that are generated. Most people, sales champs, marketeers or producteers, however, are never able to articulate properly on what “Poor Quality” really means. What makes a lead “Poor Quality” ? Who is responsible for it?

Many people believe that this Quality measure is uni-dimensional and that the step immediately before sales is responsible for it. I firmly believe otherwise.

The Two Dimensional…

I am the guiltiest person when it comes to disturbing my boss for these quick one minute chat sessions. And as in any given situation one minute is really not one minute. Ever. These ‘quick chats’ are probably the most biggest productivity killers i can think of.

I know this because it takes me ever to get back into work mode after ever time one of the people in my team comes over to have a word with me.

Communication is Vital. I agree. There are many things that just can’t wait. I agree on that too. But the problem…

Let me tell you a story.

Jill’s birthday was around the corner. Her friend Thomas was reminded of it thanks to a calender alert and he wanted to do something for her. He called up their mutual friend Monica and Monica immediately decided to bake a cake for Jill. There was a problem Monica did not have a car. But just in time Peter their other friend called and promised to take the cake over to Jill’s.

When they entered the room Peter was carrying the cake.

So ladies and gentlemen, please tell me who should Jill be grateful to…

Not a long time ago i was a programmer . I loved the code i wrote and found thrills in seeing the lines of code I wrote translate into a product that people enjoyed using.

A little over a year ago I was given a chance to change the career path i was taking. I was given the reins of a Nascent Marketing Team of a business workflow product that just started showing traction. Marketing was by no means new to me, I had done an academic program on International Business and Marketing previously, and had also done some bit…


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