The Five Stages of Engineering Feature Acceptance

2 min readJan 3, 2018


“No way am I going to build that feature. Wait that is not even a valid requirement. No one wants it that way. Things as it is are just fine.”


“This feature is just not worth it. I am wasting my valuable time building something that no would care about, instead of working on those very important optimizations. This is just ridiculous”


“I just do not have the resources nor the time to build this Feature completely. How about we reduce the scope a little. Say remove these three requirements … and how about we take a few more weeks …”


“This feature can never work. My server is going to die. This query will take ages to execute. Am I doing the right thing. Why am I even listening to these folks. I wish there were no Product managers . I wish there was no react. I wish there was no responsive design. I wish there was no CSS. Blah!”


“Hmm. May be this feature will be useful after all. At least I am sure this will not mess any other thing majorly. May be i should build it. There was this little algorithm that needs to be written. It might actually be interesting…”

I am a little unsettled by the fact that Grief and Feature Acceptance Triage go through the same stages. But then again, once you start seeing the 5 stages you would start knowing how exactly you need to communicate with your engineers to get them to accept that feature request :)




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